Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?  Please review some our most frequently asked questions below.
For any additional information you can contact us here.

If you are in need of child care to volunteer, just visit the Colorado Child Care Collaborative. After you sign up you will be matched with a child care provider in your area.

You can verify your licensure status here.

However, the State of Colorado issued a release that announced emergency measures for licensure, that allows for individuals with licenses in other states in good standing and retired individuals with current inactive status to be able to practice in the State of Colorado.

These updates will not be reflected in the portal. 

Please review the Department of Regulatory Affairs FAQs if you have further questions about your licensure status. 

As with your clothing and presentation, each hospital will have different expectations for their volunteers.

Once you are matched to a hospital, they will provide you with all the information you need to feel comfortable providing care.

If you have scrubs, please wear those. Consider choosing scrubs of neutral colors that do not have hospital or clinic insignia, as this may confuse patients.

The hospital you are matched with will provide you with a temporary name badge and any additional attire requirements. If you do not have any scrubs, please mention this to the hospital you are matched with.

Also avoid wearing dangling earrings and open-toed shoes, be prepared to tie loose hair back, and avoid fake nails if possible. 

Depending on where and what you will be doing during your volunteer shift, training will differ.

We will provide as much information as we can prior to you showing up at the hospital or clinic in need for your shift.